About Us

VIET ODYSSEY Travel Joint Stock Company is a professional company possessing extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of Vietnam and Indochina Cycling Tours, Vietnam Trekking Tours, Multi-country Package Tours.

A company of trusted, Viet Odyssey Travel creates the customization of Vietnam Trips and Indochina Trips. The designed trips are completely based around your interests and schedule. Committed to providing you with an unforgettable and inspiring trip, we also ensure your happiness and comfort throughout.

  • WHO WE ARE ?

Viet Odyssey Travel Joint Stock Company was founded by travel experts: Mr Quy Le and Mr. Peter Ngo in 2017.

Tailored experiences and services

Our trip designers have 10 years to 15 years experience of leading active tours in Vietnam. With the enthusiasm of adventure travel, we are looking for new routes and concealed territories and love to share our experience to the voyagers who have same energy like us. We are the locals, we like to explore with our customers to the untouched corners. Going with Viet Odyssey, you will get the profound culture, history and delightful view of Vietnam and return home with the unexpected tales.

Amicable and Knowledgeable

Guides We are the specialists of the area, we are the local who were brought up in the territory. Our guides with numerous years experience of leading active tours will comprehend what you need and recognize what we have. Whether you visit Ha Giang, Sapa, Ba be National Park or Mekong Delta, our thoughtfully planned, hearty, well-designed adventures with extraordinary guides take you to the high satisfaction of encountering your new world others can not reach.

  • Our Guides

Our friendly and experienced guides are the key to getting the most out of your travel to Vietnam. Each guide is your intimate link to everyday life in the region and, through their insight and extensive local knowledge, you will be rewarded with unique and fascinating glimpses into Vietnamese culture.

Our tour guide is hand picked for their professionalism, personality and intimate knowledge of the region to give you an in-depth view into the life and history of Vietnam. Their entertaining and informative explanations of the culture will make your travel experience both enjoyable and enlightening.

Our tour guides are selected for their knowledge, passion and dedication to their job. Many have become friends with our customers and often keep in contact after their journey together.


Understanding that the high business volume and increasing profit are surely target of all companies, Viet Odyssey Travel strives for not only offering you with the valuable travel products at low cost possible but also maintaining the high standard services. Moreover, the proposals can be negotiable to the business success as you are the only person who knows how clients are, what they need and how much they can pay.


Viet Odyssey Travel aims to find out core value and establish the special arrangements for clients. Our main products are

    1. Tailor-made Tours within Vietnam & Indochina for travelers.
    2. Program Tours for Travel Agents who have customers going to Vietnam and Indochina country.

The staffs and manager, we fully realize that the success depends on customer satisfaction so we are developing the business in own way with a sincere commitment to overall quality. This means that we undertake everything within our power to exceed the clients’ expectation in terms of quality and value. 

We also make the research and study of their nation habits from the travel style to food order to make sure that customer needs are being met. To maintain the high standard quality, Viet Odyssey continues training the guides, office staffs and have implemented certain quality control measures.

Moreover we daily analyze clients’ feedbacks and reviews from the hotels to make sure that we offer the highest quality and the most competitive product. At every opportunity, we strive to give good value for money however, believing that clients will be better off with a reliable and consistent service than with a cheap and poor product.

If you like a truly bespoke tour, we will make your itinerary become a uniquely adventure with local experts. Please send us a request and we would be happy to assist!

Company Name

Viet Odyssey Travel., JSC