Cycling From Ba Be National Park To Bac Son Valley – Do The Impossible

The reason why this cycling tour is called ‘impossible’ is that visitors will have to ride their bike up and downhill, karst valleys and limestone rocks – a not very pleasant road to travel. But the mesmerizing landscapes you get to see throughout the trip is absolutely worth it. Ba Be National Park and Bac Son valley are stunning, you will love it.

Overview of the Ba Be National Park and Bac Son valley cycling tour

Vietodyssey’s Ba Be National Park and Bac Son valley cycling tour last for 6 days and 5 nights. During the trip, you will cycle through Bac Kan, Cao Bang and Lang Son province, where the most beautiful, mesmerizing and magnificent natural landscapes are located. You will have the opportunity to explore the lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caves and the most beautiful limestone mountain area in the North East. These are heaven for taking photos, very suitable for anyone who has an artistic soul. If you are desiring to take pictures of the prettiest views, this tour is perfect for you.

The destinations that you will be taken to in this cycling tour is also a great chance for you to learn about Vietnamese culture, environment as well as daily life. In these areas, Vietnamese ethnic minorities live, build villages and grow crops to make a living, so you will witness the magnificent countryside life in this S-shaped territory. This will become an unforgettable memory that you can have in anywhere else in the world.

Ba Be National park and Bac Son Valley Cycling Tour

Tourists from all over the world enjoy this cycling tour

Vietodyssey is widely known for the amazing Vietnam travel tours, with interesting itineraries, an affordable price and dedicated English-speaking staff crew. Vietodyssey usually chooses the most gorgeous and most famous destinations in Vietnam, where international tourists enjoy and love the most, then design a reasonable schedule with different transportations for tourists to choose. Because of various tours with various ways of moving, our travelers have more choices suitable for them.

Throughout the years of working, Vietodyssey’s customers have rarely given negative feedback. All of them are satisfied, happy and content with the tour, and always leave for home with a sweet memory in their mind. That’s why the Ba Be National park and Bac Son valley cycling tour is so popular and chosen by many foreign tourists from all over the world. This Vietnam cycling tour will not disappoint you.

Ba Be National park – Bac Son Valley, the most beautiful natural sceneries in Vietnam

Ba Be National Park is one of the most pristine nature reserves in Vietnam, preserving many rare and precious animals and plants species. Coming to Ba Be National Park, we will not only see the poetic beauty of the lake and mountains but also have an opportunity to visit and enjoy more than 20 unique and beautiful landscapes, which are natural masterpieces with cave system and underground streams.

Inside Ba Be National Park, there are numerous wonders that will make you awed. You will be taken to Nang River – the peaceful destination with the cool and fresh water surface, the Dau Dang waterfall - one of the highlights of the park and Puong Cave - a large, majestic cave. Bac Kan province is also home for Tay ethnic minority, so you will be led to Pac Ngoi village – where they live and learn about their daily life as well as culture and customs.

Ba Be National park and Bac Son valley cycling tour

The poetic view in Ba Be National park

You will also be taken to Ba Be Lake – one of the most popular watery landscapes in Vietnam. Located in Ba Be National Park area, in Nam Mau commune, Bac Kan province, Ba Be Lake is surrounded by two banks of Ngan Son and Bac Son. If you love the landscape of mountains, forests, fields, majestic nature, this is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing trip after a tiring working week. Daily life often blocks you from the outdoors activities and wonderful nature, so this tour to Ba Be lake will be a wonderful chance for you to escape from the city lights and drown in the beautiful environment.

Ba Be National park and Bac Son valley cycling tour

Ba Be Lake has been attracting millions of tourists over the years

Ban Gioc waterfall is also a highlight of this Vietnam cycling tour. Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural waterfall in the world with the beauty of the majestic and attractive nature. In the middle of the green mountains, this waterfall is gorgeous as a fairy-tale area, making your heart flutter with its magnificent beauty.

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Ba Be National park and Bac Son valley cycling tour

The astonishing Ban Gioc waterfall from above

Near the Ban Gioc waterfall, this Ba Be national park and Bac Son valley cycling trip will also take you to Nguom Ngao cave – one of the most amazing caves in Vietnam. Nguom Ngao cave is classified into one of the most beautiful caves in the country because of its system of stalactites and stalagmites. These natural creations have created very lively and interesting scenes that make people admire and amazed.

And finally, you will be taken to Bac Son valley – the most wonderful wonders of all. Located in Lang Son province, this place is surrounded by endless limestone mountains, small rivers winding around the immense rice fields, and villages with small houses of Tay, Dao and Nung ethnic minorities. Bac Son residents mainly live in typical old houses, highlighting the rustic serenity of the valley between limestone mountains.

Bac Son Valley is not only a place of ethnic people living, where preserve the amazing culture and customs of Vietnamese people, it also carries in itself the flow of history. This place used to be a resistance base, where the legendary Bac Son revolution happened in the 1940s. Coming to this place, you can also learn more interesting information and facts about Vietnamese history. Not to mention the landscapes of numerous rice fields and giant mountains are completely magnificent, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world over the years.

Ba Be National park and Bac Son valley cycling tour

Bac Son valley with hundreds of beautiful rice fields from above

In Bac Son, you will cycle to Na Lay mountain, the famous mountain of the region. The top of Na Lay mountain is about 600m above sea level, which is the place that most tourists choose to visit because it has a viewpoint that extends to all directions, is ideal to view beautiful Bac Son valley from above. Climbing to the top might be tired, but some exercises will help you improve your health greatly, and the view you get to see after this amazing.

With such splendid wonders, Ba Be national park and Bac Son valley tour has been chosen and loved by numerous tourists from all over the world. This will be the most wonderful and happy memory for you.

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