Northwest Spring - Scattered Story In The Flower Season

The Northwest is always beautiful, but the most beautiful is spring - the season of hundreds of flowers blooming, birds singing, Khen flute blended with mountains and forests, making the Northwest look so bustling and brilliant. Coming to the North West, visiting the scenic, you also know the local culture of highland.

Dien Bien, Vietnam

Mountains of the North have a unique, mysterious and charming beauty each season. For those who love the North West scenery, can not help but overwhelm the anti-yellow color on the top of the sky, carved deeply and touched the hearts of travelers.

There are many roads passing through many times, you are not surprised by the beautiful scenery such as escape. The terraces in La Pan Tan, Cu Cong. Each layer, each layer of gold waves spread wide under the valley to the hills and mountains to the frosty peak. Watch the valley as dyed a yellow plastic live, inhale the aroma of rice and conquer the rugged mountain pass, you will feel the vitality of nature is strewn in his heart.

Moc Chau, Vietnam

Mountains of the North, not to mention Moc Chau - Paradise of the green hills far out of sight. It was a small house. All created a scene as hiding under fairyland.

Speaking of the North West can not mention the peach blossom, plum blossom. The petals are small, blossoming spread not only by the fragile beauty but also by the hatch, the flowers will bloom bursting out. The north-west line from Moc Chau, Son La, Dien Bien, Sapa to Lang Son ... where also the peach blossom, plum blossom. Visitors can easily see the plum garden spreading as well. Small, white flowers like snowflakes covered in dry branches.

Northwest Spring - Moc Chau, Vietnam

The soft pink peach blossoms adorn the hun forest mountain to add to the romantic. Quiet, gentle wind, the chill in the cold weather of spring will make anyone stop to look and enjoy the full beauty of rustic clothing that nestled between the majestic North West mountains.

After the winter freezing cold, the Northwest sky suddenly woke up by the thick spring on the hillside. Lost in the middle of the garden of pure flowers on the background of young leaves, dew drops, your soul will be extremely gentle, pleasant.

Northwest Spring - Moc Chau

The flowers not only adorn the forest but also blend into the village space, making it difficult to resist. The boys, girls thumping singing, the hollow of the mountains. Flowers bloom throughout the land, flowers bloom in the heart and then we keep on forever.

When the rays of sun began to roll through each branch plum blossomed white flowers - the characteristic flowers of highland country science beautiful charm between the cold and pure white to warm people. Beautiful plum blossoms not only by the fragility but also by the hatch, flowers will burst open. The flowers bloom, choose a viewing angle on high, the heart is feeling breeze, peace.

Northwest Spring - Moc Chau

Northwest in the moments of the season, together with the sky and sky, the brightly dressed dresses became more prominent, the khèn call the partners of the boys as urging tourists to the Northwest.

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