The Journey Conquering Vietnamese Version Of The Great Wall Of China

The west border area of Quang Ninh is very well-known for its majestic miniature version of the Great Wall of China. Knowing this beautiful destination from a brother, I am very excited and immediately start a plan to explore this place with my friends on this weekend. Come with us to conquer this wonderful paradise right now!


Vietnamese version of The great wall of China is a very famous destination

Vietodyssey - To have a complete and memorable journey, we have find out all information about this destination including location, interesting places, transportation, hotels, local food… and finally prepared a detailed plan.

Our first pleasure is Binh Lieu - the homeland of beautiful “dinosaur spine”. In spring, this destination is bustling with many festivals and full of cool fresh water from streams and waterfalls in the summer. In the autumn, the place becomes gentle with white bulbuls and in the winter, it is beautified by a frame of So flowers - the symbols of the land border.


This is the border patrol road - the way to the milestone 1305 of the Fatherland

About 100 kilometers from Ha Long city to the Northeast, Binh Lieu is the plateau that belongs to Dong Trieu bow about 471 square kilometers. Without gentle beauty and salty flavor of the sea, this destination owns many majestic mountains stretching to the border of China. Besides being famous for So flower season, local festivals of native people and delicious local food such as: cà sáy, Cooc Mò cake… Binh Lieu is also well-known for its specialty “border markers” in which  “dinosaur spine” - the way to the milestone 1305 with nearly 2000 stone ladders.

How to travel to Vietnamese version of the Great wall of China

From Hanoi, you can travel by cars, motorbikes, coaches or trains... However, the most convenient choice is travelling by your own motorbike because it is the most flexible and economical way.

When reaching the destination, you will certainly be overwhelmed and excited about the fresh and beautiful scenery. There is magically no noise, no busyness and no burden of living condition.

After long hours to the destination (about 4 - 5 hours), don’t forget to recharge energy before the trip to conquer Vietnamese version of The great wall of China. There are a lot of choices for you such as: cà sáy, cooc mò cake, seven - color sticky rice...


Don’t forget to recharge energy before the journey

The way to the destination is quite difficult, hence motorbike is the safest choice for thí case. There are two ways to follow:

The first way: from Binh Lieu town, move to the north along highway no. 18C. Then turn  right to the milestone 68 and keep going to Hoanh Mo about 5 - 6 kilometers. You will see the milestone 1305 in the end.

The second way: begin from Hoanh Mo border guard station, then ask border soldiers for the way to the border patrol road. The “dinosaur spine” is also known as the Vietnam - China border patrol road.

The road is full of beautiful flowers and surrounded by many majestic mountains.

The achievement after the interesting journey

After some hours, you will get the very special and valuable achievement and catch in your eyes the most poetic and beautiful scenery of the border area at the end of autumn.


The destination is more beautiful in the autumn - the season of bulbul flowers

From the top of the milestone, you will feel that you are too small before the majestic nature. The picture of bulbul hills shaking in the wind will never be forgotten. The unique natural scenery is an ideal place to take photos with friends. Just standing anywhere in this destination and counting from 1 to 3, you can take a number of deep photos.


Beautiful village in Binh Lieu

Besides, there are many other interesting places for visitors to explore such as milestone 1306, 1302 and 1304, Khe Van waterfall, Cao Xiem peak, Cao Ly, Song Mooc village...

Because tourism services in this place are still not developed, you need to ask for place to stay before coming. There are some suggestions for you: Luong aunt’s house, a Thanh homestay… with reasonable price from 50.000 VND/ person.

This is the handbook “The journey conquering Vietnamese version of The Great Wall of China”. If you have any question about the schedule, let Vietodyssey accompany with you in your journey.
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