Dos and Don'ts on Cambodia trip

Cambodia is a beautiful and fascinating country, with many unique cultural conventions, expectations, and traditions. People in this country are really hospital and friendly, however, visitors should take care to observe local custom and avoid being embarrassment on the new culture. Especially, some dos and don'ts below will bring you the most useful information for the trip to Cambodia.


    - Ask for permission before taking photograph someone or monks. 


    - Take off your hat and shoes before entering Cambodian house. 


    - If you are invited to Cambodian family's home, it is polite to bring a small gift such as fruit, dessert or flower. 


    - Don't forget to bring wedding gift on a wedding party.


    - Keep the country tidy, throw trash into right place.


    - Dress appropriately and show cultural sensitivity by covering your knees, shoulders, stomachs, backs and cleavage when you are in Cambodia, especially at the temple.


    -  Bring along the mosquito repellent, sleeping bag, especially while traveling and trekking in forested remote areas.


    - Try Cambodia food at anywhere you visit. 




    - Monks are revered and respected in Cambodia, however women should not touch a monk or monk's robe


    - Bathing nude in public is impolite. 


    - Use feet to point at someone


    - Hug or kiss in public


    - The use of drugs is illegal in the country.


    - Touch someone's head is rude.


    - Distribute gifts to children as it encourages begging


    - Begin eating if you are a guest at a dinner and the host has yet to take a bite.