Khao Phat (Thai fried rice)

Khao Phat is a variety of fried rice typical of central Thai cuisine. In Thai, "khao" means "rice" and "phat" mean "of or relating to being stir-fried". The dish normally contains meat, egg, onions, garlic, and some tomatoes. Khao Phat has many regional variants, and it is ubiquitous.

Khao Phat differs from Chinese fried rice in that it is prepared with Thai jasmine rice instead of regular long-grain rice. Meat used for Thai fried rice is variety, but commonly is chicken, shrimp and crab. The dish is plated and served with accompaniments like cucumber slices, tomato slices, lime and sprigs of green onions and coriander. 



Other dishes of Khao Phat including coconut fried rice (khao phat maphrao), pineapple fried rice (khao phat sapparot) and basil fried rice (khao phat kaphrao).


Besides, there are common variants of khao phat with the name depends on the main ingredient such as khao phat mu (pork fried rice), khao phat kai (chicken fried rice), khao phat kung (shrimp fried rice), khao phat pu (crab fried rice), khao phat khai (egg fried rice), and khao phat che (vegetarian fried rice).