Ba Be Lake

Location: Lie in the middle of a vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, 240km from the north-west of Ha Noi.

Characteristic: Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in the Viet Nam with an area of more than 650ha.

◊ Overview

Ba Be Lake stretches in between mountains of limestone and schist containing hidden caverns and underground streams. The lake is 8km long, 3km wide and from 20 to 30m deep. It contains two islets. One of them is called An Ma Islet because it looks like a horse riding in the water. The other is Ba Goa (Widow) Islet with the legend of a kind widow.

Since 1995, Ba Be Lake has been recognized as one of the world's 20 special freshwater lakes that need to be protected at the Conference on World Freshwater Lakes in the US. Since 2011, UNESCO has also recognized Ba Be Lake as the 3rd Ramsar site in Viet Nam.

◊ Tourism Activities

The surface of the lake was tranquil, a beauty spot if ever there was one, in this land of so much beauty. Visitors will have an unforgettable stay in the mountains by the lakes, enjoying sightseeing boat trips, hikes, and water sports.

From Ba Be, visitors can visit other neighboring scenic attractions such as Dau Dang Fall, Puong Cave, and Tien Pond. Passing by Puong Cave (30m high, 300m long), cruise past the villages of Tau, Cam and Hua Tang, and navigate the way through the river's forks and brooks, visitors will reach Dau Dang Falls. Catch the breath: it's worth it. They fall, they drip, they cascade. Take a pick of superlatives. Take a pick of times of day for paying a visit. The falls laps over 1,000m on three levels, each bursting with energy from the mountains that help fuel them.