Dalat Shopping

Currency and credit cards:

Dalat does not have private currency and you can use both Vietnam Dong and USD in cash. Credit cards are accepted in some shops and travel agents because this is a tourism city. Actually, there is no difference between spending money in Saigon or Hanoi and Dalat, except for the fact that there are not many banks to withdraw cash on streets. So if you can survive in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Danang, you can survive in Dalat for sure.Markets in Dalat are not safe place for your pockets so please keep your senses well turned.

Important legal documents

Always keep your important documents (For example: passports, Id card…) in the safety box at hotel. Do not forget to keep your room key at receptionist area if you do not want to reimburse an amount for the key when leaving. 

Warm clothes

Warm clothes are essential because Dalat is located in mountainous areas and the weather is cooler than most other part of Vietnam, even in the summer. Dalat is said to have four season in a day, cold at night and warm at mid noon, the temperature changes so quickly so it is good idea to bring warm clothes which can be flexible to get in or out.  

Local guides

Dalat is easy to get around in the city center so you may not need a guide in this section. However, if you are interested in adventurous tours such as kayaking or biking, you definitely need a proper instruction from experts. Local guides can be hired easily here, and most of them have well language manners to be helpful during your trip for sure.

Travel map:

It is good idea to have one in paper or in your phone when you walk around. Many local people can use English fluently but it is more convenient if you can find the way yourself quickly. Or at least when you get lost, you can describe your location to get urgent support.

Travel essentials play a very important role in helping you enjoy an entirely wonderful and memorable trip. Let’s pay attention to the above - mentioned essentials to enjoy your trip in a safe way.

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