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Ha Giang Province is a remote region in northeastern Vietnam. It is situated in the furthest north of the nation, and contains Vietnam's northernmost point. It shares a 270 km borderline with Yunnan region of southern China, and along these lines is known as Vietnam's last boondocks. The capital, likewise called Ha Giang, is associated by Highway 2 and is 320 km far from Hanoi. The borderline crossing is at Thanh Thuy, 25 km from Ha Giang town. It is one of the poorest areas of Vietnam as it has rugged geography with minimal potential for development of agricultural. The region fringes China with a length of more than 270 kilometers (170 miles); the borderline gate is known as the Thanh Thuy. What's more, there are three other gates specifically, the Pho Bang, the Xin Man and Sam Pun.

Since it's one of the most remote places in Vietnam, it's less occupied and offers voyagers the opportunity to discover Vietnam's rustic beauty that cannot be found in other places. Nature-lovers and travelers will love Ha Giang for its pure nature and the decent variety of ethnic minorities living in the towns and urban communities associated by this present area's lofty winding streets. Quick to get off-the-beaten-path (We mean every word!) and see a lesser-known side of Vietnam? Here is our easy-to-follow guide for Ha Giang!

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