Ha Giang purple buckwheat flower season - The ecstatic innocence

The flowers of the mountains and forests attract the view of visitors in endless ways, not only viewed as individuals. Ha Giang purple buckwheat flower season has the natural beauty of plants, of the playful highland children with the wreaths on their head or even the innocent soul of visitors that standing in front of this scene each time. Different from other luxury flowers, attractive, noble requires the need to be taken care of, the purple buckwheat flowers are just a simple flower with humble beauty.
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The purple buckwheat flowers only bloom for 2 or 3 months. At that time, all over Ha Giang mountain is the image of purple buckwheat flower. From mountains, foothills, wildflowers to the local fields that are tended by the locals for tourism or agriculture. The purple buckwheat flower is inherently a wild flower species that have an extremely intense vitality. It does not need too much care, just living from life to life. On the plateau, when there are mentions of Ha Giang symbol, no one can forget this vitality flower.
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The purple buckwheat flower is attached to the locals from one life to another. Since birth and growing up playing in the fields, the childhood of all the children here cannot be fulfilled without the shadow of this tiny flowers, every time the season creates the beautiful fairy tale atmosphere.
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The first thing will inscribe in your mind is the H'Mong children play and enjoy their childhood heaven in the flower field. The children in the city grew up in the mall, amusement park, playing smartphone. But the kids here are blessed with the grasslands, endless playtime with purple buckwheat flowers. They entwined together with the children who are singing in the streets. They teach people how to make the wreaths and beautiful things every time they come into the local life.
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If you just watch it, you probably do not know the famous pink yeast are fermented from the tiny seeds of flowers that are hardly noticeable because they have immersed themselves in the beauty of fairy scene. Seeds are harvested, dried and then fermented into yeast according to the traditional recipes. Who have ever tried the wine is brewed from the pink glaze, they will be drunk with Ha Giang and its perfect booze.
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Wedding Pictures taken in Ha Giang
Flower seeds are also grinded and made into the buckwheat cake. It is steamed on the bare fire, so it is still warm when you take your first bite. Only ten to twenty thousand VND (Approx. $1) for a two-adult serving portion of buckwheat cake. The Mong people go to the market often buy the buckwheat cake to eat with "thang co", the local hotpot, as they eat corn bread, rice cakes or rainbow sticky rice.
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Ha Giang buckwheat cake
Visiting Ha Giang in the purple buckwheat season, often for those who want to recall their childhood memories and rare solitary moments have lost a long time between the hurry pace of life. Or someone who wants to live strange, just want to explore a place almost separated from industrialization. And places like this are not visible in many parts of Vietnam.
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