Top 10 adventurous places of Northwest and Northeast Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam is the untouched beauty region with verdant deep valleys, endless trails, encompasses the most striking natural landscape in the country - if not all of Southeast Asia. Travelling to the other remote parts in this region will take time and effort but observing the beautiful rice terraces, enormous flower fields are all worth it.

Although it is one of the most remote and disadvantage region in Vietnam, this place brings the mysterious yet appeal curiosity that attracts travelers, photographers from both domestic and international to discover and seek the untouched corners in Vietnam. So let's come with us, Vietodyssey Travel, to explore the breathtaking scenery and a series of challenges in Northwest and Northeast Vietnam.

1. Ha Giang and its autumn

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Observing the Ha Giang specialty - The beautiful rice terraces

The first and vantage point on the Vietnam map in the Northern region is the Lung Cu Flagpole. If you prefer adventure and exploration, don't forget to spend a day to conquer the Ma Pi Leng Pass - one of the Vietnam legendary passes. Besides that, you can hop on a wooden boat for the Nho Que river cruise or visit the King's Palace, Quan Ba Twin mountains etc. to spice up your trip.

hà giang

Happy Road which connecting Ha Giang and Meo Vac

Let's explore the beautiful and idyllic HA GIANG AUTUMN! See more HA GIANG TOURS here:

2. Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Plateau, with fresh atmosphere and nature landscapes unlike other attractions, is a must-visit place when traveling to the Northwest region.

The reason behind is the endless and verdant tea plantations that attract many tourists, especially in the winter, this place changes from the green side to the white side of horseradish flowers which looks like the beautiful Vietnamese "Ao Dai".

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The highlight in Moc Chau that amazes everyone is the colourful homestay, simple but convenient that nestled between the verdant valleys and the nature which makes the tranquil local life in this mountainous area.

Some beautiful and reasonable homestays such as Bo house, Mama's house, Nha Ta, Homestay Fairy House etc. Don't miss these rare opportunities in the amazing Moc Chau plateau:

3. The verdant Binh Lieu mountainous area

Traveling to Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh seems like a miniature of Sapa. Not only endless the terraced rice paddies, high plateaus, fairy-tale lookalike villages but also the "Legendary dinosaur spine", the Khe Van waterfall and the historical "1305 point" are waiting to be conquered. You can experience the rich culture of the ethnic minority communities such as Tay, Dao, San Chi, Hoa etc.

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Binh Lieu mountainous area

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Binh Lieu mountainous area

4. Ta Xua - The cloudy roads

Besides the "Legendary dinosaur spine" in Binh Lieu, the other one is standing right in Ta Xua - Bac Yen. In order to chase the clouds, you must prove yourself and conquer Ta Xua.

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Stunning view of Ta Xua Peak

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Cloudy Ta Xua

5. Y Ty - The blending of rice paddies and clouds

If you are a cloud chaser, Y Ty is a must in your journey to the Northwest. Standing in the Ngai Thau cliff, you can have a beautiful view from the top with the floating clouds in front of your eyes, at the edge of your own imagination. When in Y Ty, you also can explore the Ban Lao Chai, the Muong Hum market, observe the beautiful and tiny hamlets etc.

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Hunting cloud in Y Ty

6. Tuyen Quang - The night festival

It is true that when traveling to Northwest and Northeast Vietnam, the first image in the minds of the people will be multiple hills and valleys, but few know that somewhere in the rustic, pristine land still exists the colorful paintings, thousands of decorative lanterns embrace the city. Anyone who participates in the Tuyen Quang Mid-Autumn Festival affirms that no other province or city has ever organized a national festival like this. From that, we can see the cultural beauty of the people throughout Vietnam.      

Coming to Tuyen Quang, you will also experience My Lam mineral springs, one of the best mineral water mines in the Northern Vietnam. Soaking in the mineral water between autumn and winter, sipping a cup of coffee, seemingly all anxiety disappears and lifts your own feelings. In addition, you can visit the ecotourism Na Hang or have the opportunity to enjoy the mountain food specialties such as rice, lemon chicken grilled, salted fish, bamboo shoots, local noodles, bitter vegetables, especially fermented corn wine from the forest leaves. Very interesting right?

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7. Ba Be Lake

Let's visit another place. If you are wondering what Ba Be Lake is all about? With over 200 million year-old, Ba Be Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and one of the world's hundred largest freshwater lakes, located in the Ba Be national park.

Ba Be ecotourism not only has the beautiful natural scenery but also the interesting history and customs. Therefore, when visiting Ba Be Lake, you should not miss the integration into the life of indigenous people, to sleep, eat & live with the family of local people through the interesting "culture" homestay. This is a great opportunity for visitors to exchange, discover and explore the beauty of culture, customs, habits ... of the ethnic Tay community living in the Ba Be area.

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8. Ban Gioc Waterfall

In the East - Northwest travel journey, do not forget to visit Dong Gioc waterfall (Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang). You will be surprised to hear the achievements of this waterfall: The most majestic and beautiful waterfall in Vietnam, the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest waterfalls in the world. Is it enough to "stimulate" you arrive right here?

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If you have some interest in the place where the elves live, then do not hesitate anymore without referring to our Hanoi - Ba Be Lake - Ban Gioc Waterfall tour HERE

9. Mu Cang Chai - The land of the wanderers

Remember our childhood memories, we used to roam in the rice paddy fields, playful nostalgia as an innocent children, now being a grown-up and all of these memories are returning again. Every September - October, the golden rice fields on the Mu Cang Chai land made us manners somewhere in the shape of childhood.

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In Mu Cang Chai, it brings the unique beauty. Foreign visitors to this place have commented, "This place is the most beautiful and the most attractive, perhaps unique than anywhere in the world." Also when you come here, you will experience the mineral water bath in Nghia Lo and enjoy the national culture of this region.

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Don’t hesitate to enjoy the amazing Mu Cang Chai tour:

10. Hoang Su Phi - Simacai

Similar to Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi, also known as "Season of breathtaking rice terraces", attracts a lot of tourists to admire the beautiful natural scenery of the terraced fields, beautiful scenery to the heart of the land with the friendly, hospitable ethnic minorities here.

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Off the beaten track Hoang Su Phi

In the  tour of Hanoi - Hoang Su Phia - Simacai - Bac Ha through the rice season, you can experience on the rattan and cloudy road to the land of Lao Cai. Visit Bac Ha Market, meeting on Sunday every week from morning to 2 p.m. This is an ideal market for exploring the primitive nature of the North West. In addition, you will be able to visit and admire the purple buckwheat flower field in Simacai, from a distance, as a giant pink silk covering the vast plateau.

The above are top 10 places to answer the question of "Where we should go in Vietnam at the end of the year? Get your bags right away in order to not miss out on the most exciting trips!