Top 5 Must-eat Dishes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang not only well known for its stunning landscapes with spectacular mountains, poetic valleys, and gorgeous rice terraces as well as the typical habits and unique customs of ethnic people there but also for the impressing cuisine that you cannot find it anywhere else. Here are top 5 must-eat dishes in Ha Giang, check it and do not skip any of them!
Steamed egg rolls
It seems to be that cold climate of Ha Giang makes people there prefer to eat hot foods including steamed egg rolls. As its name reveals, this dish is just eggs which are well steamed and rolled up. It’s served with the pork bone based sauce which perfectly enhances the flavor of the dish. Pick up a piece of thin egg roll, dip it into the sour and spicy source to enjoy its special flavor.
Au Tau rice gruel
Au Tau gruel rice one of the most famous specialty in Ha Giang that you have to try. It is made from glutinous rice, pig’s trotter, some special spices and “Au tau”. Some tourists find it is quite difficult to eat for the first time trying this dish because of a little bit of bitter taste but after that, they are all into its attractive flavor. Find a vendor food and enjoy a bow of Au Tau gruel rice to keep warm on a winter night, that’s such an amazing experience!
Bac Me bamboo sticky rice
Bac Me bamboo sticky rice is a special dish which is made of Bac Me - a kind of sticky rice in Ha Giang, groundwater, bamboo sections and banana leaves. Rice is mixed with salt and put into a bamboo section with water. The mouth of bamboo is covered with dried banana leaves. The bamboo packs are grilled directly on charcoal for an hour. Peel away the bamboo cover to taste the fragrant sticky rice inside, guarantee you a totally new feeling.
Thang Den
Looking like the dish of floating cake in Hanoi or Cong cake in Lang Son, Thang Den is a special dish you cannot miss. The ingredients of this dish simply are sticky rice flour and filling peas. The flour will be kneaded into sphere shapes and boiled in a hot water until it floats on the water surface. This dish is coated with sugar, coconut milk, some sesame and peanuts on the top.
Five-color sticky rice
Five-color sticky rice is a colorful unique dish in the northern mountain area. It is definitely a perfect architectural masterpiece of sticky rice with 5 vivid colors which are made from natural components: Red is made from Gac, green from tree leaves, yellow from turmeric and purple from Sau leaves. To make this dish local people have to soak rice into the water for 6-8 hours, divide the mixture into 5 parts, each of them is covered with one color. Especially, this dish not only attracts visitors by its flavor but also by the eye-catching way it’s served in a beautiful flower shape or in a small tower with the different color of layers. Take a Ha Giang tour to discover the traditional cuisine of this land! With above useful information, we hope that this article gives you good ideas for your Ha Giang tours. If you want to know more about Ha Giang, or would like to get travel services of Ha Giang tour package, feel free to contact us our experts will reply you back soon with useful travel support, travel suggestion and the service’s detailed quotation for your perfect journey in Ha Giang! See you in Ha Giang, Vietnam. Anyway, we also offer a lot of choices for many types of Vietnam vacations and tours, check it right now!