Cyclo a better way to get around

Visit Hanoi by cyclo to dive in the soul of Hanoi. This "authentic" way allow visitors discover the city center in intense emotions. This is another interesting point of view letting you catch scenes of daily life of city, traders, small restaurants, sidewalks… They are a feast for eyes (dazzled by all these colors), nose (surprised by the spicy flavors of Asia) and ears (to whom are not used to noise and Vietnamese language) ...

Cyclo is just simple and ordinary as its appearance. No noisy sound from engines, no obscure smoke and no spending too much for commuting. From a long time, Vietnamese people have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transport when going out. It is not only close - knit to Vietnamese but also strongly connected with foreigners as all of them are attracted by this unique means at first sight visiting Vietnam.



Cyclo is Hanoi's bicycle rickshaws. Passengers ride in the front cab, while the driver sits behind the passenger. Cyclo cabs are made for two passengers, and are ideal for exploring short distances within Hanoi's city center. Ride them only if you're in no hurry, and if you don't mind the fright of seeing Hanoi's traffic whiz right in front of you.

A ride in a cyclo should cost you about VND 100,000 (about $5) for an hour's ride. They may ask for more at the outset, but you're encouraged to haggle the price down. Agree on the price up front before boarding.

Don't be surprised if the cyclo driver will try to charge you more as soon as you get down. Pay the price you agreed at the outset, and be firm about it - however, do tip him for his services, as he's pedaled your entire body weight for the past hour. Have the correct change ready, as cyclo drivers (like their taxi counterparts) hate to give back change.