Where to have your vegetarian meals in Hanoi

Where to have your vegetarian meals in Hanoi

Nowadays, the trend of vegetarian meals is more popular than in the past time. More people choose vegetarian diet for their better health and to save the animal and the environment. If you come to Hanoi, there will be a lot of choice for vegan restaurants in Hanoi. Below we recommend some best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi with variety of dishes for your enjoyment.loving hut hanoi

  1. Loving Hut Restaurant – 192/4 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh district

Loving Hut is a system of vegetarian restaurant spreading all over the world. Strictly applied the international nutrition tower formula in food processing, every set menu here is considered carefully to balance the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and calcium content.

Belonging to the list of top 50 best vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam (2012), until now, Loving Hut has up to 4 branches in Hanoi and the one nearest to the old quarter is the Loving Hut Vegetarian World in Quan Thanh Street, old quarter. Whenever lunchtime or dinnertime comes, this vegan restaurant is full of guests coming there. Price of one rice set here is normally from 25,000 vnđ (~ 1.5 usd) and over. It feels spacious and cool in Loving Hut restaurant when you first arrive here. The food is especially delicious and fresh. Specially, on the first day and fifteen day of lunar month, there will be vegetarian buffet with variety of different dish for our taste

2. Truc Lam Trai vegetarian restaurant: 39 Le Ngoc Han street, Hai Ba Trung district

Truc Lam Trai has been set up for more than 8 years and has been more and more popular to the Hanoi’s gourmet. With the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, abundant choice of menu, together with sessions of Buddhism sharing, this restaurant is a good place for you to learn about Buddhism. The main materials for delicious food here are mi can (noodle), phu chuc (soya curd), dau xanh (green bean), do tuong (soy bean). The price is from 30,000 vnd (1.5 usd) to 120,000 vnd (5.5 usd) for a set of vegan meal here.

3. Thien Phat vegetarian restaurant -91 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Ba Dinh district

If you love rolling types of food then Thien Phat is most recommended for a cozy atmosphere and delicious dish with wonderful sauces. It’s quite interesting that the Chef of this restaurant will not cook when his mood is not good. Therefore, every dish is always prepare and made with enthusiasm and undisturbed mind by the cook there.

The price for a normal vegan set in this restaurant is from 60,000vnd (3 usd) and over

thien phat chay restaurant hanoi

4. Home food Vegetarian Restaurant – 26 Tran Binh Trong street, Hai Ba Trung district

The prominent points of Home food Restaurant are fantastic beverages such as coffee made from soybean, mixed milk made from various types of nutrient seeds or lotus milk, etc. Besides, the food here is very good with reasonable price. With 2 – 4 usd, you would enjoy a nice rice set vegan menu.

5. Tam Thanh Vegetarian Restaurant – 265 Lac Long Quan street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

This restaurant is impressive by the decoration and space. Everything here is designed in Buddhism style from the brown and dark yellow color to the Buddha Statue Pictures or lotus symbol while the food is very fresh and delicious.

With advantages of broad space, good price, plus with vegetarian buffet on every first and fifteenth day of lunar month, this restaurant attracts many vegans coming there every day.

Normally, a vegetarian set menu here is from 3 usd and over.