Dong Ba Market


Located on the north bank of the Perfume River, not far from the Citadel, this is the largest market in Hue. The market was originally located outside the Citadel's Gate. The market was burnt down in the summer of 1885. In 1887, King Dong Khanh had it rebuilt and named it Dong Ba. In 1889, King Thanh Thai had it moved to the current location. Thanks to the convenient location, the market has always been very popular. At that time, the market functioned as the main resource of food for the palaces, hospitals, army camps, and dormitories of the national universities. Under the greatest restoration in 1987, Dong Ba market was upgraded into an area of 22.742 m2 with more than 2700 stalls and 85 commodities from affordable to luxury goods. Every day, there are from 5000 to 7000 people come to the market. Nowadays, Dong Ba market still holds an important position in the economy of Thua Thien - Hue. Apart from providing foods and other goods for the cities, it also creates thousands of job opportunities for people and contributes to the national budget.