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Located in an idyllic valley, surrounded by multiple hills, Mai Chau is a different world from Hanoi's bustle and hustle. The residential community of Mai Chau itself is unappealing, yet simply outside the interwoven of terraced rice fields, spotted by minor Thai villages where guests stay for the night in conventional house-on-stilts and wake up to a country soundtrack characterized by murmuring streams and bird chirping.

The dominant community here is the White Thai, indirectly related to tribes in Thailand, Laos and China. Most never again wear conventional dress, yet the Thai ladies are mind blowing weavers creating a lot of customary-style materials. Local people don't utilize deals strategies here: amiable bartering is the standard.

Because of its prevalence, some discover the Mai Chau tour group experience is not really hard-core exploration. In case you're searching for challenging trekking or expedition, this isn't the place, yet come here for biking, climbing and unwinding, quiet Mai Chau possesses all the necessary qualities.

Located in Hoa Binh Province, Mai Chau is considered one of the best places in Vietnam to immerse in nature and discover the daily life of Thai people. Although Mai Chau has not many attractive tourist attractions as its “neighbor” - Moc Chau, this valley still appeals to a lot of travelers and backpackers due to the romantic beauty, cool fresh air, a rich culture, and unique cuisine. Hopefully, our travel guides below will help you have a great trip to Mai Chau.

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