Chieu Cave

Thanks to stunning stalactites, Chieu Cave deserves one of the impressive caves to be explored in Mai Chau travel. In each afternoon, tourists will be definitely surprised by the gorgeous beauty and shimmering landscapes of the unique scenic spot.

Far around 350m from neighborhood, Chieu Cave is situated in the southwest of Mai Chau town and considered one of the impressive tourist attractions in Mai Chau. The cave retains a length of over 150m and is divided into 2 floors. Unlike other Mai Chau caves, entrance of Chieu cave is about 10 - 15 meters wide and extends over 30m backward up the mountain, creating the airy space for tourists. Looking down from above, rich and poetic Mai Chau town clearly emerges in sight. Tourists will be definitely surprised at the spectacular beauty of Mai Chau when viewed from Chieu Cave.


Mai Chau view from Chieu Cave

Mai Chau view from Chieu Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio

To reach Chieu Cave, tourists must go through 1200 stone steps. Beside the entrance, ancient Xa Pung - a kind of tree in ethnic people - majestically stands to shield the cave and facilitates tourists down the cave's floor. Inside the cave is relatively flat, cool and gorgeous. Setting foot in the cave, tourists will be firstly impressed by the pristine stalactite forests endlessly stretching and retaining its subtle shimmering. Stalactites appear everywhere inside with multi shapes, diverse colors and vivid appearance. Each is suggested tourists associating with vibrant visible world.


Stalactites in Chieu Cave

Stalactites in Chieu Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio

Entering the cave, tourists will be surely surprised when admiring the giant stone eagle located close to the cave. Its feature seems to push the cave’s ceilings much higher. Deeply going into the cave, tourists have the opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of the stalactite forest. This is probably one of the unique characteristics attracting tourists to explore Mai Chau travel. There are stalactites blocks looking like ferocious beasts of the forest, other blocks are like gentle and docile animals. Some are as sharp as swords; meanwhile, others bring the soothing, gentle appearance of clouds. All harmonizing together creates the scenery of spectacular picture that the nature favorably bestows the Chieu Cave in general and caves in Mai Chau in general.


Multi-shaped stalagmite at Chieu Cave

Multi-shaped stalagmite at Chieu Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio

Opposite the entrance gathers stalagmites bringing the look of Buddha which are located at an altitude of approximately 20m. At the ground of the cave, there is a dinosaur and a stone goat kneeling, which guards and protects eternal slumber for living things. Going to the right cave, tourists will encounter the massive camel peacefully resting. Notably, there exists a gnarled "time tree" about 25 meters high, 2 to 3m in diameter as a natural history book. It was made from water droplets dripping from the ceiling millions of years ago. Chieu Cave houses the masterpiece of nature on the land of Mai Chau, contributing to promote Mai Chau tourism to numerous tourists.

Inside Chieu Cave

Inside Chieu Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio

After freely admiring the splendor of the first floor, tourists will meet the staircase leading to second floor. Right before the entrance to the left is the pure white stalagmite blocks bearing the girl who are anxiously waiting. With over 80m long and 30m wide, the cave divided into 2 lanes, one of which goes up over 30m and the rest is over 80m down. In the middle is a large room with a multi-shaped stalagmite forest. They all bear lively and natural appearance. In particular, they are situated in the most appropriate position as previously arranged. On the sloping floor of the cave, hundreds of stalactite statues offer tourists the feelings in the realms of Buddha.


Stalagmites inside Chieu Cave

Stalagmites inside Chieu Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio

Climbing up about 30m to the left, tourists must be impressed on the spectacular sight of beautiful and mysterious stalactite forest. Here, it feels like these stalactites were deliberately arranged, whittled and carved of the Creation. They hide mysterious appearance with smooth contours and are arranged extremely scientifically. Stalactites from the ceiling drooping and streaming down looks like silver silks. Going to the end of the cave, tourists will meet a small stream with clear water and always cool. Thanks to a total length of approximately 200m along with fanciful and interesting stalactite strips as the masterpiece of the nature, Chieu Cave will actually offers tourists the feelings of losing in a fairy world. It is worth a must-see attraction in Mai Chau travel.