Mo Luong Cave

Located in Mai Chau town, Mo Luong Cave is an ideal spot for tourists who love to explore and find the strange feeling in Mai Chau. Thanks to its poetic scenery, tourists will actually experience unforgettable moments when setting foot on the great land.

About 61km from Hoa Binh City to the northwest, Mo Luong Cave is situated in Pu Kha Mountain, Mai Chau town and a small part of Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district. The main entrance to the cave is in Mai Chau town and the subordinate entrance is along the water current in Chieng Chau commune.

Particular stalactites in Mo Luong Cave

Particular stalactites in Mo Luong Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio by alvincent

As one of the highlights of Mai Chau tourism, Mo Luong Cave is a natural cave in the limestone blocks with magnificent stalactites. It is located in the valley with beautiful scenery surrounded by the majestic mountains and poetic streams, together with prosperous and dreaming Thai villages. Mo Luong Cave also retains 2 entrances overlooking stretching paddy fields and villages in the valley. Located at an altitude of approximately 5 to 7m, Mo Luong Cave is far about 10 meters from the Road 15, adjacent the residential area in Mai Chau town. The cave has deeply ingrained into the mountains over 500m with its width from 1m to 30m. Ceiling dome retains an average height of 10 meters, the highest spot of 30m. The cave has maintained 2 main entrances: the northwest entrance on road overlooking Mai Chau Lodge, and the other in waterway from Mo Luong Lake. Yet the entrances to the cave are relatively convenient. In particular, both of entrances are protected by a concrete wall and extremely strong iron-gate. Outside the entrance is a timeless gray curtain of stalactites.

Abundant multi-shaped stalactites along corridor

Abundant multi-shaped stalactites along corridor - Source: Image from Panoramio by alvincent

Mo Luong Cave includes 4 magnificent main grottoes. The first grotto retains 60m long, 16m wide, with 20m high of the ceiling dome. Its background has been concreted and well equipped by drainage ditches surroundings. The grotto is structured as a large living room with numerous spectacular stalactites on both sides of domed ceiling, which looks like decorative ceiling lights and colorful paintings. The second grotto is higher 10m than the first one. Entering the grotto, tourists seem to step up the wonderland of stalactites. There are many breathtaking Buddha-shaped stalactites on 2 sides of the wall and colorful stalactites like sparkling clouds. The background is the convergence of shiny stretching stalactites like a silver ornamented carpet. Inside the cave is home to strips of pure white stalactites, surrounded by the impressive fences. In addition, along the cliffs are thousands of stalactites like a spreading brocade exhibition. These brocades are decorated with extremely impressive patterns. At the end of the grotto are colorful stalactites increasingly growing up, creating the awe-inspiring scenery. Tourists taking part in Mai Chau tour will definitely not miss these wonderful grottoes.

Spectacular stalactites in Mo Luong Cave

Spectacular stalactites in Mo Luong Cave - Source: Image from Panoramio by alvincent

Continuing the exploration of the grottoes, tourists will step into the third grotto of Mo Luong Cave. The grotto is 7m lower than the first one. To set foot in the grotto, tourists have to lean an arcade entrance. Here, tourists will surely be surprised to admire pure white stalactites. Above all is the sparkling diversified stalactite. The stalactites stretching along the cliffs like a lithophone, which creates wonderful echoes. Keeping walking into a small niche of about 3m deep on the right, tourists will surprise to admire the sand stretching along an underground stream inside the mountain. The deepest stream is about 3m along with the largest one of 8m tall creating the fully poetic stalactites. The forth grotto retains 15m long, 12m wide, with 25m high of the ceiling dome. Especially, the multi-shaped stalactites are sprouted from the surface. Inside the grotto, the clear spring water reflects strips of soft stalactites hanging down from the domed ceiling, or spreading out from the cliffs. These stalactites blended and intertwined together creating incredibly vivid picture.

Mo Luong Cave is one of the captivating tourist spot for tourists who love to explore and discover new feelings of Mai Chau tourism. Tourist participating in Mo Luong Cave in particular and Mai Chau tour in general to immerse the tranquil nature and the friendly locals; simultaneously, escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.