Pa Co Market

Pa Co Market brings the characteristics of customs and habits of Hmong ethnic people and is considered the "living museum" on the cultural life of the community. Once setting foot on the upland fairs, tourists will actually get unforgettable memories.

Pa Co fair usually takes place on Sunday every week, which is busy and crowded as Tet holidays in the delta region. A wide range of commodities are sold in Pa Co Market, mostly brocade products. With the upland ethnic minorities, going to the fair is an indispensable activity in the life of the families. They concentrate at the market with many different purposes. They can exchange, purchase or simply meet each other after days of hard work. Hmong boys and girls can also make an appointment at the market to express their feelings... All creates the particular beauty for Pa Co Market. Pa Co fair thus also becomes one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Mai Chau alluring the large number of tourists.


Purchasing commodities at Pa Co Market

Purchasing commodities at Pa Co Market - Source: Image from

The influx of people down from the mountains, Hmong ethnic people in Moc Chau and Thai people in Mai Chau bring their characteristic products to Pa Co Market to liven the area which is usually calm on weekdays. The fair has deeply rooted in the subconscious, thinking and lifestyle of indigenous people as well as any tourists visiting to admire the beauty of Pa Co Market. Like many other upland markets in Mai Chau, Pa Co Market is the miniature image of community life of the ethnic minorities. Therefore, the items they bring to the market is also fairly diverse...which are mostly stalls selling colorful brocade products. Discovering Pa Co Market is one the most extremely memorable things to do in Mai Chau.

Hmong people at Pa Co Market

Hmong people at Pa Co Market - Source: Image from

Not only retaining the colorful stalls, the locals going to the fair also gather together around wine decanters or wine table to confide and talk to each other. That can be only found at upland regions. The fair is an opportunity for people to meet each other after a week of hard work. The locals on upland are genuine and rustic, so the wine is worth the emotional bridge connecting the sincere people together forming the distinctive cultural features of Pa Co Market in particular and Mai Chau markets in general. It is unique culture features that have taken Pa Co Market to become one of the must-see tourist Mai Chau attractions.

Inside Pa Co Market

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In particular, setting foot on Pa Co Market, tourists will not be able to not admire the colors of the costume of the ethnic minorities. It can be said that costume features the most precious cultural heritage of ethnic people making up the soul of the upland fairs. The Hmong and Thai girls are pretty in their own traditional costumes. Their beaming smile is enough to realize that they participate in the market not only for the purpose of exchanging and trading. More importantly, they come to be met and talked to each other for satisfying their own longing. The rustic and simple images are the unique highlights of Pa Co Market in the journey of discovering Mai Chau travel.

Exciting moments at Pa Co Market

Exciting moments at Pa Co Market - Source: Image from

Pa Co market is held relatively early and often quickly dissolved. Although it has not been 11am, ethnic people in Hang Kia, Pa Co, Long Luong or from Lac Village, Pom Coong Village... also prepare to purchase the last items before leaving. Participating in the market is not simply to buy, to sell but to meet and interact each other. The luckiest and happiest is to find the soul mates with themselves. Each minority retains their own characteristics and they bring them into the market. Going to the upland market, tourists will be immersed in the colorful brocade. The beautiful young girls in their own traditional costumes create the magical beauty and joyful atmosphere for the fair. Taking a stroll with the air of Pa Co Market, tourists really feel the beauty hidden inside. It is unobtrusive and fussy but rustic and humanistic instead.

Tourists at Pa Co Market

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Local products sold and exchanged at the market is the crystallization of labor, the hardworking of people on upland. Moreover, these products also reflect the breath of life along with unique cultural features of each ethnic group. Nowadays, the life of the people is increasingly growing, the market has significantly changed, yet the traditional beauty and the cultural identity of ethnic minorities endure forever. Pa Co Market in this flowing displays its important contribution in promoting Mai Chau tourism to the great number of domestic and international tourists.