Maintaining Mutual Respect and Courtesy

Visitors must always keep in mind that they are guests of the people of Sapa, and as such they must respect not only their hosts but their general environment as well. Some behavior that may seem harmless to other cultures can be misconstrued as offensive. Other important reminders include the following:


● If possible, travel in small groups in order to cause as little disruption to the community as possible.

● Never take photographs of the locals without their explicit permission. Doing so is considered rude and highly inappropriate.

● Do not litter. Keep candy wrappers or empty water bottles in a garbage bag, and then dispose of them responsibly.

● Be sensitive to the use of wood and other scarce materials.

● Never enter a home without an invitation.

● Speak politely. It also helps to learn common terms of respect so that the locals can see how much their culture is appreciated.