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The Mekong Delta, also called The Nine Dragon river delta as it is established by nine rivers, lies instantly toward the west of Ho Chi Minh City (additionally called Saigon by local people), generally shaping a tremendous triangle extending from My Tho in the east to Chau Doc and Ha Tien in the northwest, down to Ca Mau, and including the majestic Phu Quoc Island. It is additionally called the rice bowl of Vietnam as it draws out in excess of 33% of the nation's yearly rice crop from only 10% of its aggregate land mass. The Delta area shows an assortment of physical scenery, from immense paddy fields in the south to slopes in the north and west. It's a water world where houses, boats and markets float upon the various rivers, trenches and streams that make the whole region look like human arteries.

Scattered inside the enormous Delta are various things to see that give you stunning knowledge into what life might resemble in the Vietnamese farmland. Here are the must-visit attractions and our amazing Mekong Delta tours in the region.

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