Chau Doc Floating Market

In spite of not being as famous as Cai Rang or Phong Dien floating markets in Can Tho, Chau Doc Floating Market still has special features of Mekong River Delta. The market becomes one of famous attractions in An Giang.

Chau Doc is not just well-known for the "granary" of basa in Mekong Delta, but also a cultural traditional land, as well as one of the religious centers of Southern Vietnam. Once popping in this market, almost tourists are surprised at the unique feature of an amazing Chau Doc Floating Village, serenity in Sam Mountain and Ba Chua Su Temple, etc. In Mekong River Delta, all provinces that have Mekong River running through own floating markets. Chau Doc Floating Market stretches along a part of Hau River in the northwest of An Giang. This market is near Vietnam and Cambodia border. Chau Doc Floating Market is not just an important commercial gateway of An Giang, but also of all Mekong Delta River.

Products on Chau Doc Floating Market

Products on Chau Doc Floating Market - Source: Image from Flickr

Chau Doc Floating Market was formed a long time ago. Life of local people here is always "attached" to boats. Boats are their greatest shelters. For the locals, phrase "Chau Doc Floating Market" is not popular; they are familiar with the beloved word "ra ghe" meaning “come to boats”. Those words stand for activities of exchange and sales at Chau Doc Floating Market. The floating market is always full of boats and people. Owners of these boats come from different places in this country. They carry products from other places to here, and then sell them to the locals and tourists. Guests of the floating market come from different places. They buy goods then freight to distant places for reselling.

On Chau Doc Floating Market

On Chau Doc Floating Market - Source: Image from Flickr

Fruits are mostly sold here, as vegetables will be easily spoiled. Besides, there are also other goods. Sellers in Chau Doc Floating Market have to go to orchards in Tien Giang, Soc Trang, Ca Mau to buy fruit, and dried fish. The trip of getting goods lasts for 4 days. Then, it takes 4 days to sell in Chau Doc Floating Market. At this floating market, there are many boats selling the same products. Marketers can choose to buy goods at any boats. Products in Chau Doc Floating Market come from different places such as Ben Tre, Nga Bay Phung Hiep (Hau Giang), Tien Giang, Long An, and Vinh Long. Coming to this Mekong Delta attraction, you will have a chance to witness exciting and bustling atmosphere here.

Trading on Chau Doc Floating Market 1

Trading on Chau Doc Floating Market 1 - Source: Image from Flickr

In this floating market, sellers do not appeal buyers by "ad language". They promote their products by a unique way. Sellers will hang things that they want to sell on a long pole plugged into the river. This market is open since early morning. It is busiest at 7-8 o'clock. From 9 o’clock, this market is less crowed, and ends. There are tens of boats in this market; they carry various goods and products. All boats come back to the dock and line up neatly. Once coming to Chau Doc Floating Market, you will have a chance to visit one of the most important key economic regions of An Giang and Mekong Delta. This market plays an important part in the socio-economic development of the province. It is not simply a trading area of both locals and tourists, but also a place of southern cultural features.

Chau Doc Floating Market

Chau Doc Floating Market - Source: Image from Flickr

Apart from visiting this floating market in Chau Doc Town, you can also drop by other attractions in An Giang such as Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Ba Chua Xua Temple, and other historical sites. In addition, many floating villages, along with handicraft villages of dried products and sauces in Chau Doc fascinate many tourists.