Hau River

Hau River or Hau Giang River is one of two main parts of Mekong River (Another part is Tien River). In Vietnam, Hau river flows across An Giang Province and becomes natural boundary between Dong Thap and Can Tho; Vinh Long and Can Tho; Hau Giang and Vinh Long, etc. In Cambodia territory, Hau River is called Bassac. Tourists will have great experience when explore the life here.

Enjoy the real life of local people Boating on Hau River, you are charmed with the peaceful sceneries here: calm water, wood houses lying silently on both sides and fishermen netting fishes to gain their living. Moreover, the sightseeing becomes more lovely when you boating in the afternoon to admire sunset. The sky turns into dark orange color; the atmosphere is more tranquil and fishermen are boating back to their small house.  However, the hustle and bustle of life will appear clearly when you boat to floating market on Hau River. There are hundreds of boats with different sizes gathering here to unload or pick up a lot of goods such as fruits, vegetables, fishes, etc. Enjoy the noise at this market; you can feel the real life of hard-working local people.  Delicious cuisines Because of floating life, fish recipes are prefer the most in Hau River. "Bong lau" fishes are available all year round, but in order to catch the best fishes, people have to wait until November. Besides, the dishes that are made from "chay" fish are also great. Fishes can be cooked with brine, or used for making soup. The delicious flavor of those dishes will create unforgettable meals for tourists.