Tan Phong Island

Tan Phong Island has long attracted tourists thanks to the immense orchards and unique cultural characteristics. It has recently become an ecotourism attraction in Mekong Delta, which deeply leaves special impression in the hearts of tourists.

Running along Cai Be floating market, Tan Phong Island is situated on Tien River, Tan Phong commune, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province. With its alluvial and freshwater throughout the year, Tan Phong retains the convenient position in the gardening economic development as well as aquaculture and fisheries. The island is the specialized cultivation of fruit trees and also one of the famous eco-tourism attractions in Tien Giang province. On annual vacation of festivals or Tet holiday, thousands of tourists from all parts of Mekong Delta converge in Tan Phong Island to enjoy the pleasures of "tam con" (bathing on the island) and specialties on island.

Explore Tan Phong Island

Explore Tan Phong Island - Source: Image from Panoramio

As one of the famous islands in Mekong Delta, Tan Phong Island was formerly Cu Island under Dinh Vien district and composed by 6 beautiful islands with a total area of 2,430 ha. Tan Phong today looks like a blue pearl merging alluvial Tien River. Here, tourists will find it easy to catch fruit orchards of rambutan, pomelo, longan or durian. From early dawn, the island is extremely crowded by the sounds from Cai Be floating market. When the sunrise comes up, the island is picturesque with boats flickering on the river in the combination with and "poles" hanging abundant goods and fruits. This scenery is one of the typical cultural characteristics of water regions attracting tourists to participate in Mekong Delta travel to this wonderful island.

Explore Tan Phong Island

Explore Tan Phong Island - Source: Image from Panoramio

The pretty small concrete road lied next to two canals leading into the households in the island is filled with lush fruit orchards. Rambutan is the kind of fruit accounting for much area of arable land in Tan Phong Island because it is easily suitable for dunes, easily grows, and rapidly develops with high output. The space seems much cooler and to get smaller with the lush orchards. Taking a stroll under the laterite road about 1m wide, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the red ripe bunches of rambutan on the branches, jackfruit on the trunk and the smell of ripe longan blowing in the wind. There is no smell of smoke and dust of the city but only the petite roofs hidden in lush gardens, a gentle small canal through the heart of the island instead.  The nature and human look like blending into each other. The weariness of the long journey seems to be left behind. Setting foot on Tan Phong island is to meet one of the most beautiful and fascinating attractions in Mekong Delta.

Charming waterway on Tan Phong Island

Charming waterway on Tan Phong Island - Source: Image from Panoramio

Rambutan not only brings economic revenue but also helps Tan Phong Island become one of the enchanting eco-tourism Mekong Delta attractions. There are two forms to visit the fruit orchards for tourists' choice. Tourists only spend a small amount of money to enter the orchard and comfortably enjoy the specialties inside, or agree to take a certain amount of fruits in the garden before visiting. Yet with only halfway around the garden, tourists will completely fill with fruits. The feelings of enjoying fruits right on the orchards will far differ from eating fruits brought from the market. Discover Tan Phong Island in the immense fruit orchards will be actually one of the most exciting things to do in Mekong Delta.

Rambutan garden at Tan Phong Island

Rambutan garden at Tan Phong Island - Source: Image from blog.zing.vn

Not only famous for rambutan, Tan Phong Island is also known for specialty of edible snails. Snail will be easily found in many river basins of Con Bau, Con Tre, Con Tron, Ba Rai... Yet the snails in Con Tre is the most delicious. Thanks to their life in the alluvial sandy area, the snails here is usually big with the turquoise shells. The harvesting season of edible snails is in around April, May on the lunar calendar. In the season, the basin of Tan Phong Island is crowded with boats. Hundreds of boats interweave together as the bustling floating market. Comfortably bathing on the island here and catching the snails will definitely leave unforgettable impressions in the journey of discovering Mekong Delta tour to the beautiful island.

Sunset on Tan Phong Island

Sunset on Tan Phong Island - Source: Image from Panoramio

Retaining typical cultural characteristics of the water region, Tan Phong Island is becoming an ideal eco-tourism site in Tien Giang in particular and Mekong Delta tourism in general. Over years, the island has survived and developed as the personality of the locals here. Tourists will certainly get unforgettable experiences when once setting foot on appealing Tan Phong Island.