Vinh Sang

Owning an area of about 2.2ha on An Binh Islet, Vinh Sang tourist area is the convergence of the fruit orchards and typical handicraft villages in Vinh Long province. It is one of the most appealing attractions in Mekong Delta alluring numerous tourists.

Located at the beginning point of An Binh islet running along Co Chien River, Vinh Sang tourist area belongs to An Binh commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province. Founded in 2005 with a total area of 2,2ha, the tourist area was invested to construct by a local businessman with the aim of professionally exploiting the tourism potential of the water region. Vinh Sang tourist area is considered as a "miniature Mekong Delta" with the tourism services associated with daily activities in the life of the ordinary locals in Mekong River Delta. The creativity has taken the tourist area to become one of the most fascinating attractions in Mekong Delta.

On the way to Vinh Sang tourist area

On the way to Vinh Sang tourist area - Source: Image from Panoramio

It will take about 10 minutes from Vinh Long city center to An Binh by ferry, then tourists have a chance to take a stroll through the stretches of road spread the smooth concrete to Vinh Sang, one of the most appealing tourist areas in Mekong Delta. The path leading to Vinh Sang tourist area winds under the shade of dozens of species of fruit trees. If traveling by sea, tourists will have the opportunity to float on Co Chien River contemplating the waters in Mekong River Delta. The topography of Vinh Sang tourist area looks like a triangle with an edge running along Co Chien River, opposite Vinh Long city. Other edge is located in the north where retains charming My Thuan Bridge connecting 2 waterfronts of dreaming Tien River. Meanwhile, the other connects Vinh Sang with other fruit gardens in An Binh Islet. It is a prime location that helps Vinh Sang retain attractive scenery attracting the great number of tourists participating in Mekong Delta travel to the tourist area.

Magnificent scenery at Vinh Sang tourist area

Magnificent scenery at Vinh Sang tourist area - Source: Image from Panoramio

As one of the most popular Mekong Delta attractions, the space of Vinh Sang gradually spreads to the rear like making the curiosity for tourists to explore on their own way. Scenery of Vinh Sang looks like a miniature garden for visitors to comfortably contemplate rare animals housed in semi-wild environment such as peacock, bears, African ostrich, rosy-cheeked gibbon or galeeny... Visiting Vinh Sang tourist area, tourists also have a chance to participate in exciting games like fishing crocodile, enjoying the thrills with the services of African ostrich riding, passing monkey bridges getting gifts, experiencing grass sled riding or cycling around the village, paddling the canals picking fruits.

Vinh Sang tourist area - Grass sled riding

Vinh Sang tourist area - Grass sled riding - Source: Image from

Tourists also set foot on the large plum garden to directly participate in the "slapping ditch for fishing" in the traditional costume of Mekong Delta farmers, then process and enjoy the "spoils" right at the garden. They are main activities in the theme "Vinh Sang - A glance of plain" that Vinh Sang tourism area are investing to bring tourists to the natural river world in Mekong Delta Vietnam in the most honest way. Discovering the daily life of the locals at Vinh Sang tourist area is one of the impressive things to in Mekong Delta.

Team building at Vinh Sang tourist area

Team building at Vinh Sang tourist area - Source: Image from

In particular, deeply situated within the tourist area on the left bank of Co Chien River is the most beautiful stretch of road with 15 successive huts which are designed reaching out the river. From afar, the image of the small boats wafting among the waves in Tien River will truly offer the unique feelings. A large lake with small curved bridge will take tourists to Ostrich Restaurant in order to enjoy the rustic cuisine of the water region and soak up the melodies of "don ca tai tu" (the traditional folk songs in Mekong Delta). Immersed in the wonderful scenery, the journey of exploring Mekong Delta travel to become much more interesting and attractive.

Bungalows at Vinh Sang tourist area

Bungalows at Vinh Sang tourist area - Source: Image from Panoramio

Vinh Sang tourist area has recently constructed more infrastructure, promoted the links with the travel company, orchard owners in the region in order to introduce much more suitable tours associated with the customs and habits of the locals in countryside river region. In particular, Vinh Sang tourist area was voted as one of 4 most fascinating tourist attractions in 2009 by Mekong Delta Tourism Association. The tourist area annually attracts thousands of tourists to visit and relax, which significantly contributes to promote tourism in Mekong Delta closer to both domestic and international friends.