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Quite a while back, Mu Cang Chai was known as "The forgotten land in Vietnam" for its remote area. Presently it's all the more notable and all around loved by both local and international vacationers. In spite of the fact that Mu Cang Chai has been touristier than it was before, this territory still remains its unique points with the striking scenery and conventional way of living.

Aside from appreciating the delightful scenes; you can discover extraordinary cultural highlights and in addition the day by day life of Mong individuals here. A large portion of local people carry on with an existence of hardship and hopelessness. However the manner in which they treat one another and the vacationers always make you feel as they have known you for quite a long time.

When you arrive at Mu Cang Chai, be prepared to be inspired by the sublime view of the terraced fields, special culture and traditional ways of life of individuals living there.

La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu are three communes which possess 500 ha of terraced fields among the entire 2,000 ha terraced fields of the territory. For a considerable length of time, Mu Cang Chai has turned into a perfect stops for all nature lovers and adventurous voyagers.

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