Nghia Lo

Nghia Lo – Discover Muong Lo Rice Field and Homestay at Thais Village

Yen Bai Province is one of the most exquisite tourist destinations in Vietnam that hosts the highlight of Nghia Lo Town. The mountainous yet scenic northwestern area showers the newcomers with lots of exclusive lessons about the culture and daily life of the ethnic groups here.

Spectacular Muong Lo Rice Field In Nghia Lo Town

The population in Nghia Lo is about 30,000 people that gather in the huge, flat valley named Muong Lo. The valley is bordered by the endless ranges of the mountain that makes it the highly spectacular site. For somebody that has not ever climb the mountainous region, Nghia Lo Town of Yen Bai Province surely entertains them with many new experiences. Most of the backpackers now choose to take the 5-hour safe, new coach from Hanoi to reach the attractive town and photograph the scenic views along the zigzag way and the unlimited mountain chains. Note that the town is just over 200km from Hanoi!

Biking tour at Muong Lo, Nghia Lo, Vietnam

Biking tour at Muong Lo Rice Field , Nghia Lo

The coach will take you through the busily urbanized towns and go up to the mountain passes (1000m above the sea level). Of course, the view now is breathtaking and marvelous. The passengers can ease the eyes with the impressive mountain slopes, stilt houses, ethnic people, tea gardens, little streams, green trees, etc. After 3-hour sightseeing, you arrive at the large, spectacular valley! On the Muong Lo Rice Field, you see the gorgeous picture dotted with the happy farmers and the busy vendors. As the second biggest town in Yen Bai Province, Nghia Lo Town is on par with any other vibrant town in the Red River Delta.

Besides, Muong Lo Market is a good place to settle down for hours; it is the commercial hub of the western area of Yen Bai. Here, you can buy various items like household goods, luxury kitchenware, clothes, and even husbandry tools. Some people interestingly take this market for a miniature version of the renowned Duong Xuan Market in Hanoi. The market is preferred by most Germans and French.

During the days approaching Tet holiday, the market is flocked colorfully with many ethnic groups who come to exchange and trade goods. About a few hundred meters away the Muong Lo Market, there is another bustling spot selling food, flowers, and local specialties. So, just pick up some gifts for your loved ones! Also, indulge your palate with the delicious local dishes such as Com Lam, the rice cooked in bamboo tubes.

Explore Thais Village and Gain Real Homestay Experience

Staying at a Thai home at Nghia Lo

Homestay at a Thai house in Muong Lo Valley, Nghia Lo

The Thais Villages at Nghia Lo are the big magnets that attract many guests worldwide to enjoy homestay experience. You can eagerly choose to have a walking and bicycle tour to explore the local ethnic hamlets, and the Thais Villages are the must to see.

When witnessing how the Thai ethnic minority lives in their stilt houses and grows rice, some individuals feel interested in doing the daily farming activities and sightsee the scenic village-based views. So, they invest their night time in the stilt houses happily. The Thai unique dance is worth viewing and learning indeed.

Close to the town center is the miracle waterfall whose water is said to be able to cure illness and refresh your system. After the pleasurable stay in the untouched Nghia Lo, the tourists can easily access the nearby hot destinations: Mu Cang Chai (100km away further north) and Sapa (200km away further north) to complete their adventure tour in the North of Vietnam.