Bun Ca

Thanks to the complex river and canal, Mekong Delta has various fishes which is the main material in bun ca, the most favourite food in Mekong Delta. Bun ca in Mekong Delta is different with other places in Vietnam because of an unique taste.

Bun ca is one of the most popular foods in Mekong Delta because the locals loves to eat noodle soups and Mother Nature give them many fishes. There are many versions of this flavorful food such as Bun ca Chau Doc, Bun ca Kien Giang, Bun ca Soc Trang…


Unlike Bun ca from Central Vietnam, Bun ca in Mekong Delta is made from snake fishes living in rice fields. The taste comes from the clear and hearty broth cooked from bone, snake fish bone, ginger and tomato. Green onion is added as late as possible in the cooking process. Besides, the vegetables are so clean and fresh, including beansprout, water spinach, hot mint and điên điển (a local pea plant) flowers. The soup is also unique. It’s rich in flavors and smells. 


The fish can be cooked in the broth or fried until yellow. To serve, rice noodle, pieces of snake fish are put into a bowl before the broth is ladled over them. Fish sauce, lime wedges and chili are on side for diners to season their Bun ca to taste.

Bun ca is served in a large bowl with rice noodles in the light-yellow soup, topped with slices of snakehead fish perfectly boiled, some prawns and a few slices of crispy roasted pork.