Nha Trang Top Attractions

Any day from January to August is good time to spend your vacation in NhaTrang since the weather is beautiful and warm. However, the days between February and April would be the best time to visit NhaTrang, when the weather is comfortably warm with average temperature of 25 degrees and water level is at its lowest during the year. It is also the best time for diving into the ocean since the water is clear and the coral reefsare the most beautiful at this time. Diving lovers shouldn’t miss out some popular sites which have many colorful coral reefs, such as Small Hill, South Reef and Moray Beach.

The months between June and August are also good time to visit NhaTrang; however, the temperature and humidity begin to rise up, so it will make you feel hotter and uncomfortable. If you don’t mind the heat and humidity, it won’t be a serious problem that can ruin your holiday. In fact, it is good time for ecotourism, ocean tourism as well as some interesting water sports, which can make you really enjoy the ocean and forget about the heat.

The least windy months of the year are May, April and June. Nha Trang in general is not windy enough to windsurf, with the exception of Doc Lep beach (35 km north of Nha Trang), which is usually reserved for experts.

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