Trekking Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is Vietnam’s largest national park and one of the most important sites for biodiversity in the country. Trekking Cuc Phuong National Park is a great opportunity to get a close look at Vietnam’s nature and fees generated from tourism help protect the parks wildlife.


Dozens of trails cut through the forest and can be used for simple hikes for an hour or two day treks through the forest. Trekking options include loop trails that take only a few hours of moderate walking to a two day trek across the park. If you do decided to get off the path and into the brush make sure you are wearing a long sleeved shirt and long pants. The prickly vines will make mincemeat out of any exposed flesh and the disgusting, yet harmless, leeches will find a quick and easy lunch.

Ornithologists flock to Cuc Phuong to catch a glance at Silver-Pheasant, Red-Collared Woodpecker, Brown Hornbill and Bar-Bellied Pita and others amongst the three hundred birds that inhabit the park.

Tour guides are available for a reasonable fee ( from 20$ for small trek to 35$ for the hmong village) and can bring you on day or night time treks, which is probably the best way to spot Cuc Phuong’s numerous little creatures.

The park headquarters can also arrange river rafting trips and tours catering to your needs.