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Pleiku is the capital of Gia Lai province, which is located in the central highland region of Vietnam. It is about 50 kilometres south of Kon Tum and 200 kilometres away from Qut Nhon. Pleiku is located at the intersection of Routes 19 and 14, making it the starting point for any kind of exploration in the Highlands.

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Pleiku is a historically relevant town, specifically in relation to the Vietnam War. The town was the end of the military supply logistics avenue which extended to the west along Route 19 and also the main centre of defence for the highland region. When the North Vietnam Army launched an attack in this city, Lyndon Johnson gave the green light for 'Operation Rolling Thunder,' a campaign marked by extensive bombing. It was the site where the first formal battle occurred, and the place was later left in ruins.

After the war, Pleiku was rebuilt with the help of the USSR, which is why the town displays a Soviet influence. Even with foreign intervention Pleiku retains its rural charm thanks to the mountainous and stunning countryside.