Tram Ton

Where is located Tram Ton Pass?

Is located about 18 km to the north of Sapa town center. It is very well located, because you can find it on the same way to Thac Bac Waterfall and Mountain Fansipan.  At the height of 1900 meters, Tram Ton Pass is the highest mountain pass in Vietnam, connecting Sapa and Lai Chau Province. In 2012, Globalgrasshopper, the independent travel agency in the UK, put Tram Ton Pass as the number five on the list of the 10 most fascinating destinations in Vietnam.

How to go to Tram Ton Pass?

It just takes 15 minutes to get to there from Sapa town and it cost about 5$ by Taxi. – If you want to explore the scenery along the road, you can hire a motorbike, it’s just about 1$-2$. However, whatever you choose to go, you have to follow this instruction:

From Sapa town center:

  • Heading southwest on Xuan Vien.
  • Then, turning right at Mobile Store in Xuan Binh Hang to Vienna, crossing Restaurant Yuri (right side) and turning right onto Silver Falls.
  • Continuing to turn right to stay on Silver Falls.
  • Then,turning left at the Villa at Silver Falls to Sapa, acrossing Sapa Summit Hotel (on the left), turning right at US hotels to Vietnam in Silver Falls, acrossing the Radio and Television Sapa (on the right).
  • After that slighting left to Dien Bien Phu / QL 4D and taking continue to highway 4D.
  • Finally, acrossing Kindergarten O Quy Ho (5.8 km on the right way)

In adition, if you rent a bike, check it out before departing. Most of the bikes for rent are Chinese replicas of Japanese bikes, and may give you a surprise before the end of your trip.

Tram Ton Pass stunning views

If you are standing in the Tram Ton Pass on a clear day, you can even see the shining and stunning Thac Bac Waterfall. Because is located in a vantage point, it offers an unobstructed view of the magnificent Fansipan on the other side of the valley with immense lush forest. Moreover, Heaven Gate is where you can truly see and feel the majestic grandeur of Mountain Fansipan – the highest peak of Indochina, which can be a great motivation for you to conquer this high and mighty mountain. Aside from magnificent views, visitors can also witness the bizarre climate change.    

 Tram Ton pass stunning views

Special weather in Tram Ton Pass

Through the Sapa side of the mountain the weather is the same, typical climate that more than often attributes to Sapa’s it’s own mysterious atmosphere of cold, misty or foggy. There might be drizzly rain sometimes on the way up since Tram Ton Pass is at a higher place. However, looking down a few hundred metres below on the Lai Chau side you can see crystal clear and an incredible shining blue sky. Ferocious winds come ripping over the pass due to this temperature differences: take in mind that Sapa is the coldest place in Vietnam while Lai Chau is the warmest. Tram Ton Pass is the point that divides this two great weather fronts. So that, it is said that you could literally see the air. It is not a common experience that you can have in other places in Vietnam.  

 Tram Ton Pass, Sapa the Heaven's Gate

Tram Ton

Trạm Tôn the way to Sapa from Lào Cai.

Tram Ton Pass is a 75 mile road (120km) takes a minimum of three hours to cross by car, not including stops. Most of the Sapa day tours drive a portion of the Tram Ton Pass to take in the views before stopping off for trekking to area villages. Motorbike, scooter or even mountain bike rentals are also available. However, you have to take many caution while you are driving by this route due to the high winds and sometimes bumpy conditions of sections of the road.

Now, it’s time to your decision. Are you going to take Tram Ton Pass road by yourself or are you going to be a passenger?

For example, Huges Laverne rent a bike to make a downhill at his own way.