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Yen Bai is 183km away from Hanoi, situated at the northern Vietnam. Yen Bai is a rural region, the principle economy of Yen Bai is cultivating and forestry. The area of Yen Bai makes this region has a vital impact in the transportation toward the Northwestern side of the nation, as a hub while sharing the borderline with Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Son La, Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho. Yen Bai has favorable position to create tourism for both global and residential vacationers.

Yen Bai is a sloping region cover with timberland, and 2 major waterways are Red River and Chay River. So the region is well-known for The Thac Ba Hydropower Plant, it is a noteworthy hydropower venture situated inside the region on the Chay river, established between 1964 and 1971 with help from the Soviet Union. The Thac Ba lake turns into the critical destination of tourism of the territory, one of three biggest man-made lakes in Vietnam. Consistently, the Yen Bai Provincial People's Committee mastermind the Thac Ba Discovery Festival, upheld by Lao Cai, Phu Tho and Yen Bai areas. Members in the celebration ordinarily visit the lake and participate in a boat race that is held there. A town celebration exhibiting ethnic minorities, an outfit show, sports and customary workmanship rivalries are additionally held.

There are numerous ethnic communities in Yen Bai, however Kinh individuals is the larger part populace came here and as one with the nearby minorities which are Muong Lo and H'Mong.

Dong Cuong and Dai Cai are two celebrated temples in the area. The celebrations are held at various time, some are essential with nearby individuals : Dong Cuong temple celebration, Muong Lo social week, Suoi Giang panpines celebration, Grapefruit bloom celebration, Nam Cuong Temple Festival, Mong ethnic social festival etc.

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